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Distributors can be both local and also from abroad  and they can benefit from various discounts and offers that we have. A V.I.P. Code is supplied and the agreed discount is immediately visible in the website.

Ideally if you wish to become our distributor, send us an email with your details, requests, proposal and suggestions and we will contact you back accordingly.

We also supply show cases and busts to our distributors at very discounted prices.

Q: What is the V.I.P. code and how can I obtain it ?

A: The V.I.P. code is a special code mainly given to our distributors. If you wish to distribute our items please feel free to contact us.  In some cases particular V.I.P. codes are given to our clients during marketing periods and special occasions.  Remember that V.I.P codes cannot be added to other offers ( always best offer wins ) and it has a validity period.

Q: How and who can be your distributor?

A: We work with many kinds of distributors both locally and abroad. Some are owners of fashion houses and shops, beauty and hairdressing salons and many others.

There are also distributors of a bigger category who sign contracts with us to distribute our trade name in whole towns, cities or countries. This is possible by getting permission from us to open a Franchise outlet with our Trade Name and sell or distribute our items in your respective city or country. 

Ideas who can be our distributor:

  • For Big distributors and wholesalers:
    • Start your business with Jada Jade   right now!
  • Searching for business organization and expansion? Interested in modern and successful business? Then this section is for you.
  • Jada Jade offers you to become a part of our company’s network and open your own shop.
  • Franchise is the effective system of running business, allowing to do it perfect and lossless. Jada Jade empowers to work under “ Jada Jade ” trademark and provides all-out support while opening each and  every single point of sales. Our partners do not pay entrance fee or royalty, but they score advantages of developing their own stores with very easy and helpful terms conditions.
  • This section is for those who would like to run a profitable business or to expand already existing one. We are glad to give you the benefits of our experience and offer you to become our partner. Also we would like you to become the part of company’s network and open a store with highly qualified Jada Jade fashion jewellery!
  • Administrative support:
    • You have territorial exclusivity while retailing.
    • Our company helps you to choose the best point of sale.
    • Development of a design project.
    • Development of an in-store equipment model.
    • Staff training and educational materials on sales.
    • Additional benefits and special purchasing terms.
    • An opportunity to obtain an interest-free delay in payments.
    • Exclusive receiving of new collections.
  • Smaller distributors could be:
    • Hairdressing salons
    • Beauty Salons
    • Fashion Houses
    • Shoes outlets
    • Perfumeries
    • And all others with a good client flow, who want to benefit from an extra income.

Feel free to contact us NOW - [email protected].